Exploring and Learning


Island Lutheran PreSchool will keep your little one exploring and learning throughout their day.

Island Lutheran PreSchool buzzes with activity. Our days open with a morning circle time, where children greet one another, sing, and review plans for the day. Then they are off: pursuing their group's growing study of construction or plants, moving through light and space, learning letters and the ways they make words, and creating sculptures with recyclables, exploring color with paint. During the course of the day, children may discover how letters can be made with their bodies, how water changes and moves, or how stories can be developed dramatically through make-believe. They might practice a quiet moment in movement, listen wide-eyed to a read aloud, or build an animal rescue center with our building blocks. They discuss, investigate, discover, play, get to know one another, learn to resolve conflicts, and grow.


During these years, we seek to teach children that school is home base for their explorations. At Island Lutheran PreSchool, teachers pose positive challenges and respond to children's ideas - using their perspectives to create meaningful studies of the world. In our classrooms each day, children learn from "hands to heads," turning real-life experiences with materials, relationships and stories into ideas and concepts.


Each classroom and each child's work are comprised of three core components:

Creative Thinking

A great deal of children's work at this age is self-expressive and creative and, as a result, the arts and materials curriculum is at the very center of each child's experience. The child of Island Lutheran PreSchool spends approximately 1-2 hours a week in our Art Studio. There they explore art projects based on famous artists and genres using various art mediums. In the studio, a variety self-directed art centers allow the children to be creative, explore the elements of art and gain a further appreciation of the visual arts.

Self and Social Intelligence

Our Caterpillar Friends (three-year olds) explore their independence and autonomy, begin to build their own relationships with others, negotiate conflicts, and establish bonds. Teachers support the negotiation, conflict resolution, and relationship building skills that children develop as they grow through this developmental phase. Our Butterfly Friends (four-year olds) begin to discover the concept of community and they become increasingly responsible for shaping their classroom culture with their friends.

Throughout your child’s journey, teachers support children in how to think about their interactions with others, and how to help children move through new social triumphs and challenges that are all part of a natural progression of growing up.


Building Skills and Understanding

Our preschool program has an academic goal specific to each age of the child. This corresponds to the types of learning experiences children will have.  In our multiage classroom, teachers support children to further become the protagonists of their own learning. A great deal of the work in the classroom is based on play, developing big questions, and exploring the world with their bodies, both independently and with others. When children reach age four, their curiosities begin to extend to the conventions of the world around them, and teachers follow these interests with emergent work with letters, words and numbers. They also surface and explore questions with children, and naturally pose more complex challenges such as: an artistic response to a story; a frog in the form of the letter F; or graphing friends' ideas and interests.

Children Learning

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