Covid-19 Safety Protocols

To ensure the safety of the children and the staff at Island Lutheran PreSchool, we have implemented the following protocols.

  • Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 12 children each day. 

  • We will commence classes on the third Monday in August, the 17th. 

  • We will continue to offer our 2-, 3-, and 5-day programs. Because of the differing schedules, your child may not be with the same group of students each day. 

  • Children and staff will have temperature checks that will be charted each day. We will require that any student who exhibits any irritation of eyes, nose or throat or any illness be kept at home. 

  • Our current drop off and pick up procedure will remain with a few additions. The staff person will open the car door; however, the parents will be required to open and close seat belts. Staff will sanitize their hands after each child. 

  • Sensory items and soft surfaces that can be harder to sanitize will be removed from the classroom. All surfaces will be sanitized daily. 

  • We have installed touchless soap and paper towel dispensers for children. Hand washing will be practiced after every activity. 

  • Parents whose children stay for lunch are asked to use a washable lunch box and keep it clean. 

  • The students will be limited to the classrooms and playground, therefore our extra programs of music class and visits from the library will be discontinued for the time being. 

  • There will be no classroom visitors and no field trips until further notice to reduce exposure from others.